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Catalyst Programme

Catalyst Programme

The Catalyst Programme is a funding programme which has been set up to distribute small 100% grants to local communities in the East Midlands.

This initiative has provided small grants to run activities which benefit local communities. To be eligible, the activity must improve the prospects of employment and community spirit in the area. Applications were invited from unemployed individuals, local community and voluntary groups, not-for-profit networks and forums, community-owned businesses and some co-operatives.

Catalyst projects have been delivered at LRAC by tutors or people with specialist skills not only throughout the week, but also at weekends or in the evenings:

Loopy Tracks – using computers to produce music, where both skills in IT and music were learned

Survival Quest – learning outdoor living and orienteering skills

Driving to Employment – learning about carriage driving, horses, how to look after horses and employment in the equine industry

Green Gym – keeping fit, learning about healthy lifestyles through outdoor activities such as horticulture, gardening and bee keeping

Girls Allowed – a focus group run by and for young women, learning about alternative employment for women, women's health issues and pregnancy advice

All of the activities involved the development of team-work, communication, problem-solving skills and as such, contributed to the personal and social development of young people.

The activities were also fun and learning should be fun.