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Iron Age Round House Project

Iron Age Round House

A £25,000 grant from the HLF will enable an Iron Age Round House to be built at LRAC.

Many of the young people who have been involved in the activities developed at the Centre have expressed an interest in conservation activities, especially those where the use of natural resources have been involved. These young people had never been exposed to heritage activities and the idea of building an Iron Age round house came after a visit to Flag Fen.
A steering group of young people, guided by a project co-ordinator (an existing experienced member of staff), want to utilise the resources of the natural environment and thereby develop knowledge of our heritage and history by creating an environment based on how people used to live.

The focal point of the project is the building of an Iron Age round house with links to how we used to live – shelter, tools, equipment, materials, food, clothing, what was happening at that time in history and what we have learned from this period.

LRAC have their own willow nurseries where young,thinned-out branches are used for building and weaving. Learners can research and use these techniques for house building from the Iron Age, which stimulates the desire to find out more about local and natural traditions.

The construction of the round house will give learners the opportunity to be involved in a project which they themselves helped to design and develop. Giving the young people ‘ownership’ of the project will enable them to develop problem solving, teamworking, communication, social and interpersonal skills as well as developing practical skills and knowledge about uses of the different materials used. Working with natural resources will also develop their understanding about conservation issues, such as renewable resources and benefits to the environment. It will also be possible via research into the Iron Age, to see how communities develop, the diverse peoples that make up our cultural heritage.

One of the original ideas from the young people who formed the steering group was for the site to be developed in order for other people to take an interest in the heritage and history of the area. LRAC has worked with agencies such as the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Project for conservation activities and the charity also works as a collaborative partner to deliver free bitesize courses in environmental activities such as dry stone walling, charcoal making, rural crafts, hedge laying and coppicing.

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