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Local Network Fund

Local Network Fund (LNF)

LRAC has acted as a banker and provided the quality assurance framework for Local Network Funded (LNF) programmes.

The Local Network Fund for Children and Young People was launched by the Government in May 2001 as a key element of its commitment to tackle child poverty.

Some of the tutors at LRAC have delivered activities such as horse carriage driving for young people with disabilitie;, restoration of a WW2 Hurricane Rotax engine for return to a local aviation museum; car preparation; and providing an alternative fitness programme for young people.

These activities enabled those at risk of exclusion from mainstream education to develop vocational skills such as those associated with equestrian activities, engineering, motor vehicle skills, welding & fabrication and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
The Government believes that communities have the power to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and the objective of LNF is to give communities the chance to make a difference. The Fund is targeted at community-driven initiatives helping children and young people (between ages 0-19yrs) living in poverty or deprivation as well as those that have difficulty accessing services and support available to others.

The Fund aims to raise the aspirations of disadvantaged children and young people and facilitate them to achieve their potential.